Monday, February 12, 2007

What is linkbaiting? And How Gain Relevance on Google.

Google revolutionized the search engine industry by counting links to web sites as “votes” for that site. The more backlinks a website can generate from other websites with relevant content, the better their ranking on Google for relevant keywords. Google and the other search engines want to see natural links to sites to show them (and those who use them) content that is truly relevant to the searched-for keywords. The simple way to do this is by having relevant content – more specifically, you should have content on your site to which people WANT to link. This kind of relevant, interesting, useful, and noteworthy content even has a name: “linkbait.”

Top 3 Helpful Hints to Create Linkbait

  • Create Lists- Whether they be introductory lists, top 10 lists or interesting fact lists, people love to read lists and learn something others might not know. (I took this advice)
  • Notify Others- Submit your article to a syndication site such as EzineArticles or GoArticles. Also notify industry news sites and journalists that write about similar topics.
  • Network, Network, Network!- Trade content and link to peers sites in your industry. Contact people with similar interests and ask them for their feedback and to write a few words about your post.

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