Monday, February 19, 2007

The Future of Social Search

Search has officially gone social. It has been known for months that the growing trend in organic search is the social element. From customer reviews to joining mailing lists, organic search has been moving in a direction of growing social networks and better communications with potential customers. Now you can even have your own live personal serach assistant with the introduction of ChaCha.
Here's how it works: Each searcher is assigned a guide to communicate with through an online chat program. The guide asks questions about the query's nature, searches numerous engines at record speed, and returns results as she finds them. Sometimes, she'll request more information to further customize her search. When the user is satisfied with the results, ChaCha encourages him to rate the guide so it can gauge its staff's quality and the user's experience.
ChaCha has taken the social element of search to the extreme and even made it completely personal. Other search engines are sure to follow suit.

What are your thoughts on the future of social search?

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Arnaud Fischer - user-obsessed & competition-paranoid said...

Evan, glad to see more coverage of social search. Search has changed. Online consumer information retrieval has reached another inflexion point. There is a shift from pure algorithmic search to social search. Searchers have gotten more sophisticated and basic algorithmic Web results are getting diluted out of most mainstream search experiences including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL Search and Ask. The search industry is maneuvering through its 3rd evolution cycle – social search - after algorithmic search (Altavista, Excite, Google, ...) fueled by now maturing paid search models.