Thursday, March 29, 2007

Local Search Language: The Diversity of Search Behavior

The sheer number of local search sites operating today is astounding. Why are there so many? The answer lies within consumer search behavior trends and search engines' ability to translate so many different ways of asking for the same things. Every consumer has their own search language and trying to get a local listing ranked for all of these, or even a few different semantics is very tough. Think of it as one person typing in English (the consumer) for a Spanish speaking person (the web crawler) to read, comprehend and rank accordingly. So while one web crawler might read your English keyword and translate it perfectly to be ranked highly in the SERP( define), another web crawler may not even comprehend or rank the keyword.

It is the search marketers job to expand the number of keywords and track the behavior of the listing to figure out what search engines are ranking the listing and which ones are not. The abundance of search engines, each with its own language makes the search marketers ability to get the ad listed in good rank in every search engine near impossible. It would be the same as having to learn Spanish, German, Swahili, French, and Chinese all at once and then having them change next month.

Does anyone know of an easy way to track where your local listing might be in several different search engines? Rather than just endless searching.

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