Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Companies allow negative criticism? Why would they do that?

Being in a customer service position myself I find the previous post to be absolutely true. Your company will not exist without satisfied customers who tell others about your company. Having open forums for customers to express their feelings (good or bad) is crucial. You may ask "Why would I let someone voice negative feedback about my company? First, there is probably a reason the customer is upset and though you can't make everyone happy all of the time, you can certainly try. Second, putting these opinions out there lets potential customers know you are a genuine company with enough self awareness to admit some weaknesses but are working to correct those weaknesses. It's like a celebrity who goes through a hard time and is bashed everywhere, if they take the criticism with maturity and make it constructive, they come out of it with even more fans.

Provide customers with a way to communicate and use that communication as free press. Use these discussions as free search marketing. Feel free to give me your thoughts...they could become my own free marketing tactic. :)

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